Special alloy manufacturer 2000 series and 7000 series high alloy aluminum bars, the tubes, the seamless tubes, produced by SCF ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD, all from the Backward-extruded extrusion (indirect extrusion), starting from lathe (Uses the lathe to remove the high alloy semblance oxide layer); then to indirect extrusion (from the beginning to the end of extrusion with same speed and temperature in order to avoid the poor quality); then to Heat Treatment Furnace (3M Vertical T4 Equipment, the turning performance is good); furthermore, to the essential drawing; moreover, to the straightening (the size and straightness is suitable on the 3M long automatic feeder); finally, to T8 and T73 (32 sections control the warm system, degree of hardness are even) and so on consistent work, guaranteeing the quality of the produced materials.


Aluminium is specializing in manufacturing high strength 7xxx,2xxx and 6xxx alloy seamless tube, bar, rod, line and profiles and having 6 various backward extrusion lines. To provide our clients with the high quality products to reach the aims of maintaining good reputation, offering superior customer service, and achieving efficiency, it is a prerequisite for us, by the fully-integrated and computerized equipment, to monitor and control the whole manufacturing process including importing ingots, melting, homogenizing, cutting billet, extruding, cold drawing, aging, anodizing, and packing.