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Flux: We have more than 10 kinds flux products including refining agent, slag chipping agent, etc. The purpose of the flux are to reduce inclusions and porosities through forehearth, furnace and secondary purifying for current processes, and also precisely and strictly control the smelting process. These products are accessory materials absolutely necessarily in making aluminum billets.
Refractories: The products include the series lining items for the runner and filter box. The product made with light-weight thermal insulation material with aluminates fiber filler. It has advantage such as excellent high-temperature performance, suitable for on-site construction, easy-to-use, without clamp off, peel off and pollution to the molten. The refractory is mainly used in portion of the aluminum pad transmission required for higher thermal insulation, such as movable launder for casting and rolling, and distributive launder for casting on the similar level.
Ceramic filters: According to the requirement of customer, our company can develop the ceramic filters in different specifications. This product is made of corundum with excellent thermal shock resistance , a high rate of through-hole and effectively filtering all non-metallic inclusions except the melted aluminum. Especially, it exhibits an excellent filtering effect during the secondary refining. The product has been widely used in many aluminium smelting industries.